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When democrats Attack!

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Time for another exciting chapter of “When democrats Attack!”

Let us start with a bit of “blue on blue” action.

Rep. Carnahan, democrat from Missouri, had his office firebombed.  Of course, the open minded and tolerant liberals blamed someone from the “Tea Party,” despite there being absolutely no history of violence from that group.

So, who actually firebombed the offices of the democrat from Missouri? Well, it turns out that it was one of his own staffers, a liberal democrat by the name of Chris Powers.

Let’s follow that up with a NYC leftist stabbing a Muslim cabdriver in the neck for…wait for it…being a Muslim!

Big HT to Gateway Pundit for these stories the DNC/MSM won’t carry.

Just to round out the Hat Trick, here is another GP story about an open minded and tolerant leftist who verbally attacked an 82 year old Holocaust survivor.  The  open minded and tolerant leftist said that the 82 year old Holocaust survivor “obviously didn’t learn his lesson.”