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Why won’t President Obama support the ruling against California’s Prop 8?

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Just to recap, Prop 8 was were the citizens of California exercised their civil rights and voted to limit civil marriages (i.e. the ones you get a Marriage License  for) to heterosexual couples.    A judge recently over overturned the will of the California people and ruled that the state must give out marriage licenses to same sex couples as well.

This is a big win to a large chunk of the President’s base (and a win for the small government Libertarians who are most definitely not his base).  So why isn’t our Dear Leader’s administration actively supporting this ruling and supporting the victory of their supporters?

As much as I, and other Libertarians, would like to take credit for it, I really don’t think this is a small government/big government thing for our Dear Leader.  It probably has more to do with the values he learned while attending a homophobic, racist church for 20 years.  I’m willing to bet that Barry and his advisors know that actively supporting homosexual rights here in America would run counter to their goal of “out reach” to the Muslim world.

No matter what his reasoning, his supporters are correctly calling him out on this matter, and they deserve an honest answer.