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My advice for Hillary Rodham Clinton

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Run baby…Run!

Let’s be honest here, our Dear Leader gave HRC one raw fornicating deal when he made here Secretary of State. He undermined her position from day one.  First, he said that idiot Joe Biden was his “go to guy” for foreign policy.  Let’s be real here, Joe Biden is the Dan Quayle of the early 21st Century.  He’s better than a bullet proof vest for BHO.  Then our Dear Leader made the Ambassador to the UN a direct report to him.  A position that has traditionally reported to the Secretary of State.   Sorry Hillary, you just don’t matter that much to our Dear Leader and it’s clear that there are members of his inner circle that view you as a threat and will do whatever they can to sabotage you.

The governor’s seat in the state of New York is coming up and I think it could be yours if you really wanted it.  The current governor is not in that strong a position and there isn’t anybody else in the state democrat party that has your name recognition or can put together as strong a political organization as you can.

Ya, Barack Hussein Obama won’t like it, but just what has he done for you lately?  A year or so in the governor seat will give you solid executive experience in a major state, and a key state needed for a Presidential win. Ya, I said Presidential.  Let’s be honest here, SNL got it right.  BHO’s major accomplishments so far are Jack and Squat. Both William Jefferson Clinton and George W. Bush had several major bipartisan initiatives passed (i.e. successfully passed in both houses of Congress and signed into law) by their eighth month in office.  Our Dear Leader is out to make that disaster called Carter Presidency look good and he’s going to take the democrat party, not to mention the rest of the country, with down with him. You can have the 2012 nomination, but you need to get out from under the Obama wet blanket and start rebuilding your credit with America.

Now, was my readers will note, I have never been a supporter of either Hillary Rodham Clinton or husband,  but in the eight years that HRC and WJC occupied the White House, they didn’t do as much damage to America as Barack Hussein Obama has managed to do in eight months.

Update: New York Magazine cites a Gallup poll that says HRC is now more popular than our Dear Leader!