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Death of Transparency at the Obama White House

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Remember how our Dear Leader promised more “transparency” and “sunlight” to government? Well, that was just smoke and mirrors (a polite term for Bullshit) to get the rubes to vote for him.

Here is the reality of the Obama regime. “A few weeks ago, the Obama Administration officially abandoned the President’s “Sunlight before Signing” campaign pledge that the White House would post all legislation passed by Congress for at least five days before the President would sign it.”

Jim Harper, of the Cato Institute points out, nine new pieces of legislation have been signed into law by the President and yet, as of Friday July 10, 2009, not one had been posted on the White House web site.

Yup, the stench of hypocrisy in the Obama White House is getting pretty thick.