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Friday B-Movie Pick: The Wedding Date

Friday, June 5th, 2009

The Wedding Date

From supernatural action, I dive deep into the pits of RomCom. Yup, having been married for a while, I’ve seen more than my fair share of Romantic Comedies. I’m counting this one as a B-Movie, it was shot in the UK to keep the budget down. Despite that, it has a pretty good cast of Americans, including Amy Adams while she wasn’t so famous. Other yanks in the cast include Dermot Mulroney, Debra Messing and Holland Taylor. For you Disney Pirates fans, you’ll recognize Jack Davenport as well. It is a fun little film with a good cast, some great comedy. It as has one of my favorite lines in a RomCom. Holland Taylor, playing the mother asks Debra Messing’s character what is wrong. Messing delivers the come back with style, “Nothing a bottle of Jack and straight razor wouldn’t fix.”

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