Sunday SciFi: The Middleman

July 10, 2011 by
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I’ve only caught a few episodes so far from this one season wonder, but so far I really like The Middleman and his Sidekick Wendy Watson. It’s delightfully low budget, in an old school Doctor Who way, funny, a tribute to the pulp era, and the cast is clearly having fun.

The Middleman himself is a clean cut, all American, milk drinking former Special Forces veteran with authority issues and what appears to be a id case with Doctor Who’s psychic paper in it.  Hmmmm….a Doctor Who/Middleman crossover.  I’m sure there is some fan fic out there that covers it.

It’s good low budget fun entertainment.  It’s got robots, gadgets, blasters, intelligent apes, the supernatural and a spunky sidekick that steals the show.

It didn’t run in a drive-in, so I don’t know what Joe-Bob Briggs would say, but my advice is to check it out.


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