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Obama’s bullet proof vest

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

The best argument against resigning before January 20, 2013 can be stated in three words.

“President Joe Biden”

Seriously, the man is a better bullet proof vest than Dan Quayle ever was.

Biden holds the distinction of being the only man in the Senate only to hold leadership posts which only have “time in office” requirements.
Literally ones that the DNC could not deny him because the only criteria was serving the required number of terms.
The DNC has carefully kept this idiot out of any position where he could cause any damage. Which makes him a perfect Vice-President in the traditional application of the office.

I have to give my brother Fred credit for coming up with the perfect summary of Joe Biden. He is the Anti-Dick Cheney.

While some leftists may be calling on Obama not to run for reelection, they would much rather the Big Zero, and his magic teleprompter, to stay in office. With our Dear Leader, the DNC can play the race card, and be secure that Obama, a product of the corrupt Chicago democrat machine, will do what he told, and stay out of too much trouble by sticking with his rigorous golf schedule.

Joe Biden in the Oval Office gives up the race card, and will cause an otherwise reliable core of black voters to stay home. Plus there is the danger that Biden will do what he is famous for Washington, D.C.; screw up royally and let the truth slip out of his mouth.