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What is it with democrats not paying taxes?

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Ok, it’s pretty damn clear by now that one of the reason why democrats are so eager to vote for any tax increase that comes across their desk is that have no intention of ever paying it.

Case in point, democrat Senator from Missouri, Clair McCaskill.  She just “forgot” to pay $287,000 in property taxes on her very own private jet.

Wait! It gets even better! McCaskill signed on in February as a co-sponsor of Senate legislation that would fire federal employees if they are “seriously delinquent” in paying their own federal taxes

Yup, by her own rules, democrat Senator McCaskill should be fired.

Wait yet again! There is still more!  What was McCaskill’s job from 1999 to 2007? She was the state auditor for Missouri!

So let’s review.  We have a current Senator and former state auditor calling for the firing of federal employees who are “seriously delinquent” in paying their federal taxes who just “forgot” to pay $287,000 in property taxes on her personal private jet.

What is no surprise is that Senator McCaskill is a democrat.