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Quick Round Up Post

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

The actual effects of Dodd-Frank Finance Bill:

We don’t want to raise fees on our customers, but unfortunately, regulation is forcing us to do it, and as a result, some customers may end up unbanked,” said a Chase spokeswoman. Bank industry executives have said the new regulations will squeeze low-income customers out of traditional banking, sending them to high-fee alternatives like check cashers and payday lenders.

Practical, efficient self defense is empowerment.

Alan Caruba nails it shut:

As far as the rest of the world’s movers and shakers are concerned, Obama is little more than a charming cocktail party guest with little to offer than small talk and leftist bromides.

Only one thing is certain. Obama will be running for re-election the minute he returns to Washington, but he is going to need more than his former vacuous “hope and change” motto and there is small chance of that. In a very real way, the nation has already moved beyond him.

When I see Obama these days, I think of Jimmy Carter, a pathetic former president soundly rejected by the voters, the “author” of endless, largely unread books, and grateful that anyone takes notice of him.

When you see Jimmy Carter today, you’re looking at Barack Obama in fifteen or twenty years.

Will Rogers was also right on target:

There is not a man in the country that can’t make a living for himself and family. But he can’t make a living for them *and* his government, too, the way his government is living. What the government has got to do is live as cheap as the people.

Let’s be honest here, JFK would be labeled a far right extremist “teabagger” by today’s “liberals”.   The democrat party has moved way far to the extreme left, right into socialism territory.