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Time to turn Massachusetts from blue to Brown

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

From a buddy of mine.

Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday the 19th additionally please visit the Scott Brown web site at: and perhaps lend a helping hand.

Just a reminder, this photo shows what democrat Martha Coakley thinks of the free press.  She probably thinks less of the peasants who are supposed to “anoint” her to the Senate.

Liberal Double Standards

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

The following is post I made to a Facebook thread, promoting Pat Robertson voodoo dolls. There was much indignation at my suggestion that there be an accompanying Danny Glover doll for his assertion that the earthquake hit Haiti for crimes against Gaia.

The people of Haiti are in much more immediate danger from the sadly uniform governmental corruption that all too common in the third world than either climate change (natural or induced by human action) or the “wrath of God.” What I find disturbing is that both Robertson and Glover are using this human tragedy of Biblical Proportions (I’m using the term as a reference of scale, not to indicate any possible cause) to promote their own political/religious agendas. Was what Robertson said provocative enough to cause a great deal of people to smite him verily across the cheek with the back of their hand? Clearly so. I’m not knocking the voodoo doll idea. I’ve got a few myself and Robertson has a history of making public statements that provoke that kind of response. So does Glover, although generally with a different set of people. (The Pink Pistols probably are horked off at both, but they are a pretty broad minded group in general). One difference between Robertson and Glover is that, based on past disasters, Robertson’s group will likely be one of the first groups to get aid supplies into Haiti. After Katrina hit shore, his group got aid into the area before FEMA, the Red Cross and the state government. So while Robertson often says things that sound like someone seriously off his meds (go ahead, stick another pin in), his actions show that he remembers the Christian concept of “Hate the sin. Love the Sinner.” That puts him head of a lot of other TV preachers, such as that uber-jerk Jim Baker. That aside, both Robertson and Glover are jerks for using this human tragedy to promote their own political/religious agendas. The same holds for anyone who blames an earthquake on: the hunting of whales, communism, greed on Wall Street, the Grays or my personal favorite, the Bavarian Illuminati. You can argue the level of jerkiness, but the basic label still applies.

I expect that most leftists will not be able to see reason on this topic.
Update: Sadly, I was right. The original poster is driven more by his raw hatred of those who dare disagree with him than actual facts or logic.  Let’s also keep in mind the basic difference in philosophy.  Robertson, whom the liberals hate because of his religious beliefs and his words, which they find “offensive” has created a large organization to help those in need, even those he disagrees with.  Glover, the socialist, is calling for the government to act in order to make him feel better as a person.  Which one of these two are actually doing more for the betterment of their fellow human beings?