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The ObamaCare Smoking Gun

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

This isn’t the first Smoking Gun. Our Dear Leader and Congressman Barney Frank (d-MA) have already come out and said they were for a so-called “single payer” government run, tax payer funded, “Health Care” system that will put all private payment options out of business. Now, by way of Hot Air, is Rep. Anthony Weiner (d-NY), is very clear that that he wants a fully government run system deciding what your health care is going to be.

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Ed Morrissey has a very good break down of the problems with Weiner’s arguments. Go read the whole thing.

Update: Videos of Barney Frank getting slammed in his own loopy liberal district for supporting this disaster of a “Health Care” bill. My own Congresscritter, Rep. McGovern, got called out for his support of the bill during a recent meeting with his constituations, but at least he handled himself with more grace than Rep. Frank.

A brilliant observation on branding

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Bill Whittle of PJTV has a very insightful segment on branding and politics.   He pulls no punchs in pointing out the democrats get it and how the RNC is pretty much completely clueless on the subject.

Yup, something else that the RNC has screwed the pooch on.  Add it to the list.

Mr. Whittle makes two excellent points in this video.  First, the RNC has the better message (they may not live up to it all the time, but that is another issue).  Fiscal conservatism, individual rights and responsibilities, the US Constitution, all that stuff.  It’s healthier for the nation, its citizens and allies.  The RNC packages that message as “eat your vegatables”, not as a tasty smoothie that, oh ya, happens to be the best thing for your body since whatever the last thing that was best for your body was.  The DNC’s message of socialism, statism, and turn in your grandma for reading the Constitution, is by comparison, the junk food that is going to harden your arteries and give you a fatal heart attack, but its wrapped up in  pretty package and loaded with tasty cancer causing chemicals. Barack Obama and the DNC are like the Marlborough Man, the brand sold a lot of cigarettes, and killed a lot of their customers.

The other point is that Mr. Whittle makes is that the branding can turn on you.  There has been a distinct rise in negative messages using the Obama “O” logo, and even BHO’s face, which the DNC and its lackeys where so careful to associate with an angelic halo whenever possible, has been associated with a clown faced psychopath, who’s main goal is the destruction of society and the advancement of destructive chaos.   Expect more of this as our Dear Leader‘s poll numbers drop and more people pick up on the truth of Mr. Whittle’s message.