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Monday Book Pick: Mad Science

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Mad Science by Theodore Gray

Mad fun science experiments that hark back to the day when Chemistry sets had real chemicals in them! Great fun in here, and ya, more than a wee bit dangerous at times.

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The left’s Astroturf

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Far hard left extremist democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Barbra Boxer are accusing the American Citizens who are questioning our Dear Leader‘s plan for socializing our medical system of being organized “Astroturf” instead of being the legitimate grassroots movement it is.  This is hardly surprising, since it’s the only way they can get people to “protests” who support their platform.

Let’s review the facts of the matter.  Take a look at the folks who show up to oppose socializing our medical system.  They are dressed like ordinary people, they are carrying homemade signs, and they probably took time off from work, i.e. not getting paid, in order to ask simple questions of their elected representatives.

Now compare these to the so-called “protesters” who show up to support the left’s march to Socialism. Denver photojournalist El Marco points out that those “protesters” “had to be coached by professional organizers — including several day laborers who didn’t speak English and couldn’t tell what the signs they were holding read.”

How did the left get those “protesters?” It’s simple, they paid them.  Really.  Check out these ads on Craigs List. In addition to the paid “protesters”, the left brought out their ACORN aggitators and Union thugs.  The staffers running democrat “town hall” meetings are denying access to taxpaying citizens while flooding the room with their ringers.  If voting tax payers do manage to get in, they are then physically attacked by leftist Union thugs and professional aggitators.

Of course, the usual suspects are ignoring the truth and simple facts and spreading lies.

Update: George Soros pours another $5 Million into leftist Astroturn.