So much for Transparency

Our Dear Leader clearly doesn’t want the American public informed on his planned changes to the 2010 Census.

Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke came to Denver on Wednesday to meet with the group charged with raising public awareness about the upcoming census and closed the session to the public and media.

I can see why he doesn’t want any more news about the far left extremist group ACORN, already charged with massive voter fraud, being hired to “count” citizens for the census.

Obama blocks clean, safe & plentiful electrical power

The American Thinker reports that our Dear Leader is planning on killing any new Nuclear Power Plants by cutting funding for storage of what should be reusable fuel.

This is a clear indication that our Dear Leader feels that pandering to the watermelon moonbats that make up his base is more important than rebuilding the American economy and energy independence. Personally, I’m not surprised.