Friday B-Movie Pick: The Octagon

July 18, 2014 by
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The Octagon

Going way, way, back to 1980 for this Chuck Norris classic. In this movie, he takes on his brother, played by Tadashi Yamshita (OK, one of them was clearly adopted), who went over to the “Dark Side” and set up a Ninja training camp for mercenaries. Norris, who is busy training for his next big fight, doesn’t want to get involved, but does anyway. Many the Ninja fall to his deadly, Ninjia killing inside crescent kicks. Of course there is the big brother on brother fight to the death, and plenty of gun fu as well.

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One Comment on Friday B-Movie Pick: The Octagon

  1. Leslie Bates on Mon, 21st Jul 2014 06:45
  2. Darn it. I missed out on this one.

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