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This is my personal domain.

Most of the content I have on this system is my Eclipse's Web Warren site. Online since 1995.

You'll find information on Martial Arts (home of the Kempo/Kenpo FAQ), Role Playing Games (including Tipper Gore's view on them and a fair amount of Traveller material), Politics, RKBA, Pictures I've taken, originial fiction and much more (including a large collection of sig quotes).
Monday Book and Friday B-Movie picks

I'm enough of a netnerd to have a custom 404 page.

Not on this site is my Urbin Technology Tech Blog, No Moss Here tumblr blog Urbin Photography, my Slices of Life photo blog and my Twitter feed.

The E-Ramblings political blog has been retired in favor of the Urbin Report Blog, which covers a wider range of topics.

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Art Urbin, out in California, has urbin.com
Not that he's done anything with it...